October 1, 2022

Quick Tips to Build a Winning Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are an incredible tool thanks to their potential to reach new audiences on Instagram. They require little or no effort, and no capital investment, but they can lead many people to your account who could also be fascinated by your content. But how does one choose the correct Instagram hashtags for a post? It is also a good idea to know what number of hashtags you must use, and where you must put them. Whether you have a smooth video ad or photograph you would like to share, the correct IG hashtag strategy can certainly assist.


BE CONSCIOUS OF THE NUMBER AND PLACEMENT OF THE HASHTAGS:  In a recent study, Instagram posts were examined for how the use of hashtags created an impact on their performance. And they got to know that posts with 7 or more hashtags hidden within the caption got the foremost engagement. However, they also discovered that the quantity, placement, and visibility of hashtags for ideal performance varied as per the profile size.

FIND POPULAR HASHTAGS RELATED TO YOUR BRAND:  People inquisitive about related content are searching those hashtags and can therefore be more likely to come back to your content. You’ll be able to use a hashtag finder to assist you to detect hashtags associated with your content. Besides, using hashtags connected to your product enhances your brand visibility and prompts higher performance.

SEARCH INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS BEFORE USING THEM:  Find hashtags examples here for an amazing hashtag listing for your posts. Before using a hashtag, make sure you look for it yourself to know who was using it previously and what type of content appears. If a familiar influencer is using it, it doesn’t mean it’s suitable for your content. You can easily find numerous relatable hashtags for your Instagram post feed.

KEEP A LIST: you don’t need to reinvent the wheel on every occasion you post something on Instagram. Compile a list of hashtags with relevance to your brand. That way, once you create a post, you’ll be able to check the list and choose suitable hashtags without having to conduct exploration everywhere again. Also, you’ll be able to mark on this list what percentage of times you’ve used each hashtag.


Using hashtags is an important tool to stretch your IG audience and obtain more reach. After you use a particular hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. If you utilize a hashtag on your story, it may be included within the relevant hashtag story, which will, too, appear on the hashtag page.