July 5, 2022

What is The Psychology Behind Instagram?

Instagram launched eight years ago, and up till now, it has attracted over a billion users. The application allows you to connect with strangers across borders to share photographs and videos with your audience. As a result, it is one of the top social media platforms in recent times. Instagram growth service has supported many small-scale businesses through greater engagement with their target audience. You will be wondering that why is Instagram flourishing at such a progressive rate? This has to do with the human psychology that is involved in the interaction.

Similar Traits

The famous researcher Maslow explains that there is a basic need in humans that can be fulfilled by the creative desire of expressing their feelings. Users are segmented on a specific persona (including painter, fitness lover, traveler, or fashion influencer). Based on similar traits, these users can connect where they form an engaging community. On the other hand, many believe that Instagram is a super artificial world where the reality of life is undermined. This is so because users paint a rosy picture of their content, and in fact, that does not work.

Gender Power

It is stated that 59 percent of users are female. This shows that it’s a dominant arena where firms try to launch products related to women. The female content is viral on Instagram as it achieves the core goal of engagement more effectively. Ranging from lifestyle to beauty, the app offers a filter feature that glows up the appearance. This shows that the divide in terms of gender is real since ladies dominate the usage rate.

Practical World

Instagram has made it easier for people to communicate with celebrities. It gives a closer glimpse of your favorite star as you can watch them live cooking in their homes or when they are celebrating the success of their projects.  It provides features through which you can reach influencers with less time and it quickens up the pace of your marketing campaign. On the other hand, many people feel deprived of the luxurious items that other people showcase on this platform. Therefore, it creates a desire to achieve those precious items as they look cool in crafted filtered photographs. As a result, it has brought many bloggers who want to earn on their own by posting creative content. In this way, their account is an asset that can use by firms to market their products.

There is a purpose behind the application we use in our daily lives. Therefore, by investigating the psychology for this application, firms can develop marketing activities to target the right set of audience. In this way, firms shall locate potential customers that can buy the product on a repeat basis. Content creators can use this platform to progress in their field by accepting appreciation across the globe. Lastly, it also helps to gain happiness and well-being by viewing such a large base for content.