July 5, 2022

How Do I Prepare for My High School Placement Test?

To take admission in a private high school, the student needs to give a test known as the high school placement test or the HSPT. This is a standardized test that is taken by all students entering freshman year. The exams test students on subjects of math, reading, and language, verbal and quantitative skills. It was first developed by the Scholastic Testing Service to assist schools with the admission procedure. The HSPT lasts for 3 hours, and students are allowed to use pencils and calculators. Tutoring services are also provided for these exams. Students can avail of these services online, for example, online tutoring in Perth is popular and helped a lot of students to pass their exams.  

We will now consider the techniques and methods that will help prepare for the high school placement test and would also help in scoring high marks.

Test-taking tips

It is extremely important to read all the paper directions well before the time starts. Reading all the questions thoroughly before attempting would help you decide the difficulty or ease level of the exam. Still, it will also be recommended not to spend too much time on one question, as it will leave you with less time for others and would make it challenging to complete the exam on time. If you are confused about the answer to a particular question, it will always be preferable to select the best choice and not waste time on the issue. Reviewing the answer sheet at the end of the exam is also an essential element to scoring well. This will highlight all the errors that you have made, as it does get confusing sometimes.

Preparation options

Some schools offer a PRE-HSPT option, conducted by the Scholastic Testing Service, where schools can rent out testing and scoring materials to students. This can be beneficial for students since they can prepare well before giving the exam. Such books are also available online and also incorporate quizzes and question answers that are similar to those which will be examined.

Test-day tips

After preparation, it is vital to take a good rest before the exam. Health shall be a person’s top priority, and it should not be compromised. Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast before the exam would make sure that you don’t pass out on the exam day. Most people think about the negative outcome more than the positive one. This makes their mind harmful, and it starts feeling low and lose confidence. Hence, it is essential to imagine success, and success would follow you.


This article presents all the necessary information that is needed to score well and prepare for high school placement tests. Preparation is not only about studying from books or learning information. It is also about making your mind and body ready for the pressure. And also to ensure that your body system is able to undergo that pressure. In order to perform well in the HSPT exam, it is vital to keep all these factors in mind and then go for the exam.